, 14/12/2022

The determining factor for the development of a business is "its people".

GB Steel always aims to ensure the stability and development of its human resources parallel to the growth of the company. Therefore, every effort of the Management Board is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the GB Steel family have a good quality of life, good job prospects, and a favorable working environment.

Committing to implementing benefit policies and fair treatment for employees is the first "promise" that GB Steel's Management Board extends to all company employees. The efforts and contributions of team members are not only recognized through monthly salaries but also through attractive benefits and incentives.


Benefits for employee are essential in every business. There are various types of benefits, and each company will have its own specific benefits. However, benefits are also regulated by the state for workers, and GB Steel not only complies with the regulations but also supplements additional incentive policies to create a peaceful and fulfilling working environment.

1. Basic Benefits:

Mandatory Benefits refer to the legitimate rights and benefits that employees are entitled to according to state regulations. Mandatory regimes include:

Maternity leave

Sickness allowance




Work-related accidents

Social insurance

Health insurance

2.Advanced Benefits:

Holiday and Tet bonuses

Performance bonuses, outstanding achievements

Salary increase policies based on capabilities

Additional allowances depending on the nature of the job.

Training programs for skills and professional knowledge

Trips and vacations, team-building activities

Regular health check-ups

Allowances for business travel transportation

Providing dormitories for employees at the factory.

GB Steel is an enterprise that places emphasis on satisfying the spirit of its workers during the work process, helping them feel valued and happier, increasing labor productivity, and providing them with additional motivation for their work. As a result, employees are not overly distracted by life issues and can fully focus their energy on their work.


"GB STEEL – Your trusted partner"