Overview Of The Steel Structure Factory

GB Steel Factory is located in Thanh Hoa District, Long An Province - one of Southern Key Economic Zone. The factorycompletely operates in accordance with ISO 9001-2015, EN ISO 3834-2:2021 standard and constantly improves the effectiveness of the System

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting cutting, Laser cutting source IPG 15000W (Germany)

Plasma Cutting Machine

Maximum cutting thickness reaches 200 mm

Shearing Machine

Maximum cutting length 6300 mm

Saw Heavy Beam Line

Automatic welding for build-up beam with the maximum height of 2m

Automatic Welding Line

Automatic horizontal fabricate beam with beam length 5-15 m

Beam Assembly Machine

Beam web height up to 2m

High Speed Drilling Machine

Automatic drilling with high speed

Straightening Machine

Main motor power: 13.2 kW, straightening speed 13000 mm/min

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting, cleans steel structure at high speed, surface quality reaches 15-50 µm – SA 3.0