GB Steel –a leading brand in the pre-engineered steel and steel structure market.

The question asked is: "What factors have helped GB Steel develop and achieved such a rapid position in the market?"

Apart from key factors such as:

-A highly experienced core team of experts.

-Quality management system ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO - 3834-2:2021, AISC...

-Professionalism and service across the entire system.

And so on...

The most crucial factor in creating value and the competitive edge of GB Steel is the "GB Steel Structural Steel Plant" - with its large scale and production capacity that not every plant can possess.

Inside of GB Steel's Structural Steel Plant

GB Steel's Structural Steel Plant

Location: Hamlet 1, Tan Tay Commune, Thanh Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam.

• Total area: Over 30,000m2.

• Production capacity: Over 3,000 tons per month.

The plant system operates in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and AISC standards, continually striving to enhance the quality of management. This is one of the key factors that has enabled GB Steel to achieve remarkable and continuous development in recent years.

The GB Steel Structural Steel Plant is divided into three main production lines, with strict production processes and adherence to all labor regulations. Every manufacturing process is designed and executed by the GB Steel team, based on their professional expertise and close collaboration, creating outstanding results.


"Accurate - Fast - Efficient"

The standout feature of GB Steel Structural Steel Plant is its large scale, with a factory length of over 275m2. This is an extremely advantageous characteristic in the production process for steel components exceeding 12m in length and requiring sufficient floor space for machining and (if necessary) assembly testing, ensuring absolute precision.

The automated production line system significantly enhances the overall manufacturing capacity of GB Steel plant, reducing time and minimizing traditional labor while achieving outstanding efficiency in the final product. The crane load capacity is a crucial and essential factor within the automated production line system, and GB Steel always aims for safety, efficiency, and productivity as our objectives.


In addition, the most distinctive feature of GB Steel plant is its utilization of a state-of-the-art machinery and equipment system, implementing an integrated production system and consistently focusing on continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers.

The IPG-powered 15,000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from Germany with state-of-the-art technology that GB Steel utilizes to assert its manufacturing superiority in the market. The investment in technology goes beyond brand development, scale, and production capacity, aiming to elevate the quality standards of pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures across the entire Vietnamese and international market.

GB Steel GB Steel always aims to affirm the quality and position of the Vietnamese Steel Structure sector on a global scale, thereby reshaping the mindset and perception of our international partners towards the Vietnamese market.

With all the subjective values that GB Steel is striving to nurture on a daily basis, our expectations is encapsulated in our mission: "to deliver intelligent design solutions, projects adheres to high-quality standards, along with fast construction progress to meet expectations and optimize costs for the customers”

 "GB STEEL – Your trusted partner"